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DARC now offers online registrations. Please Visit our new Website To register for DARC programs you must first create and register your new account. Once your account is registered in our system you can add members to your household. Then you can register  a member for any programs or upcoming events listed through Downingtown Area Recreation Consortium. NOTE: There is a small ‘convenience fee’ for online registrations.

Registration and Cancellation Policies

You can begin to register for activities and programs as soon as you receive your brochure. Registrations are open until an activity reaches maximum capacity. All registrations are taken on a first come-first served basis. Please register at least 72 hours prior to the start date of an activity…you could be the difference on whether or not an activity will run. Decisions on any necessary activity cancellations (due to lack of enrollment) are generally made 48 hours prior to the activity start date. Too often quality activities and trips are cancelled because too many people wait until the last minute to register. Almost every activity has a minimum number of enrollees needed to cover the expenses or to make it enjoyable. If you see an activity you like, don’t hesitate to sign up! You must pre-register for all activities. DARC does not accept phone in registrations.  You will only be contacted if the class is cancelled or if anything has been changed. Otherwise, just show up at the date/time/location indicated in the brochure and on the website. “No News is Good News.” A receipt will be generated at the time of purchase of the program.

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